Product Detail

Real Bucket photo before shipment

General Purpose Bucket

  • Optimal profile being capable of maximum excavation efficiently.
  • Eminent abrasive resistant capability ensured by adopting 400 Bhn in critical area.
  • Ultimate bending and torsional stiffness imposed in upper beam.
  • Abrasive resistant material being used in mounting boss with ARM.
  • Corner digging effect aggrandized by aligning edge teeth with side cutting plate.
  • AR-material(T-1 equivalent) being used in bottom and side wear plates.
  • Welding typed single side cutter.

Heavy Duty Bucket

  • Suitable for hard working areas with rock scattered soils.
  • Ideal for general excavating of dense clay and light rock
  • Basic profile and shape is same with GP bucket
  • Increased thickness of lip plate.
  • Double reinforcing runner adoption in bottom edge zone.
  • Additional side plate being added around upper beam.
  • Welding typed double side cutter.
  • Increase of thickness in each abrasive resistant plate.

Extra Heavy Duty Bucket

  • Suitable for tough and abrasive applications in rocky areas.
  • Ideal for handling shot rock and severe digging.
  • Basic profile and shape is same with HD bucket.
  • Upper grade teeth being applied.
  • One-piece and thicker abrasive resistant plate being applied in bottom area.
  • Thicker double reinforcing runner plate and side protector than those of HD bucket.
  • Increased thickness of edge plate.

Ditch Cleaning Bucket

  • Suitable for soft application of light material.
  • Ideal for use in cleaning and forming ditches and watercourses.
  • Optimized profile for ditch cleaning and grading.
  • AR-materiall(T-1 equivalent) being used in lip and edge parts.
  • AR-material to resist wear in bottom strips.
  • Inner stiffener to increase overall stiffness and strength.
  • Additional bolting typed lip can be mounted to drilled original one, which is optional.
  • Drainage holes on side plates.
  • Specific custom-built design in width being possible according to customer's needs

Ripper Bucket

  • Suitable for extremely tough applications in rocky areas.
  • Ideal for ripping, quarrying and hammering of rock.
  • Sharp tooth point and shank at center line suitable for ripping in rock.
  • Fully upraised structural stiffness and strength to endure high stress and wear.
  • BHN 400 material being used in lip plate.
  • AR-material(T-1 equivalent) being adopted other critical area of wear.
  • Extra thick reinforcing bottom lip plate to increase wear life.
  • Specific custom-built design in width being possible according to customer's needs

Sand Bucket

  • Suitable for light working conditions with loose materials.
  • Ideal for leveling and loading of light soil or sand.
  • Basic design concept in choosing profile and material is same with those of GP bucket.
  • Reduction of weight and cost by removal of tooth adapter and point.
  • Relatively light weight to increase application performances.
  • Lengthened lip plate to increase struck capacity.